Forced Swimming Test: New FST DUAL SENSOR Novel Object Recognition Test 3D Kinetic Weight Bearing
Forced Swimming Test: New FST DUAL SENSOR
Bioseb reinvents the Forced Swimming Test (FST), also known as Porsolt Swimming Test: Vibration sensors are combined with a video tracking tool for accurate and consistent detection of up to three states during the test. A must for the primary screening test for antidepressants!
Novel Object Recognition Test 3D
Brand new innovative setup for the automation of the Novel Object Recognition Test : 3D-camera based technology is now capable of adding discriminating parameters to the object exploration of rodents within an Open field test, including the detection of sniffing and rearing behaviors.
Kinetic Weight Bearing
A unique instrument providing not only independent automated measurement of weight borne by each paw of a freely moving mouse or rat, like the Dynamic Weight Bearing, but also information curves on the force distribution over time. Perfect for work on Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, brain or spinal cord injury!
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SFN Meeting 2014 in Washington, DC - Thank you!
SFN Meeting 2014 in Washington, DC - Thank you!

We would like to thank all of you who came to visit us on the SFN Meeting 2014 in Washington, DC, especially the numerous researchers who used...
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