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Bioseb is the world's largest company and the leading manufacturer of research instruments for in vivo pain study. Additionally, Bioseb designs and manufactures solutions for anxiety and depression evaluation, motor coordination measurement as well as behavior analysis systems for neuroscience research. Futhermore, Bioseb recently introduced a new range of solutions for measuring metabolism parameters. Bioseb provides products and support services to customers in 50 countries.

Since 1993, Bioseb is proud of a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the field of in-vivo research instruments: we keep expanding our product lines and services in order to meet emerging customer needs and new research fields. Our wide array of capabilities includes creating new and more efficient measurement devices suiting ultra-accurate research protocols, especially involving rodents, as well as advanced technology solutions that give more features to our customers based on researcher’s feedback during field visits in labs, as well as neuroscience, pain and in-vivo experimentation congresses.

Operating from Vitrolles (France) and Pinellas Park (USA), we are constantly improving our offers and processes to ensure our company provides the very best options for our customers, making your in-vivo research applications faster, more accurate and reliable.
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Our range of in-vivo research instruments keeps expanding to meet our customers' requirements and match the newest developments in the field of pain, analgesia and nociception studies, as well as motor coordination and activity, anxiety, memory, learning and addiction. Furthermore, we're happy to offer you a high-quality selection of products for all your lab needs.

About our solutions for Pain Study:

About our solutions for Neuroscience:

About our solutions for Metabolism:
• Metabolic cages: Metabolic measurement systems
• Food intake measurement: Food and drink monitoring system
• Indirect calorimetry: Oyxlet

About our solutions for Physiology, Surgery and Lab Equipment:
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Jacques Desevré, Founder and inspiration of Bioseb
Jacques Desevré
Founder and inspiration of Bioseb
Founded in 1993, Bioseb (BIOScience and Experimental Biology) has been owned by Jacques Desevré since 1996. From 1996 to 1999, the company developed automated software targeting the safety pharmacology field for real time detection and analysis of the ECG/EKG/BP and other hemodynamic parameters in animals, from large species to rodents. Some of these systems are still in use today in pharmaceutical laboratories as well as in academic labs. The company then proceeded, in close collaboration with research lab around the world, with the development of innovative solutions with a strong focus on pain, nociception and analgesia-related instruments.

Since Jacques Desevré's sad demise in 2011, the Bioseb team has maintained the same spirit of curiosity, innovation and close collaboration with the field researchers to design and develop new and improved solutions. Ground-breaking instruments like the Automated Dynamic Weight Bearing, based on video imagery interpretation, taking advantage of the most advanced algorithms of morphologic analysis in dynamic conditions, or the CIS Software, a new system for increasing the repeatability of nociceptive tests, are covering needs identified by our research partners in the labs, and paving the way for new applications.

• 1996: Acquisition of the company by Jacques Desevré
• 1998: Creation of the Grip Test, a solution to measure griping force or Rats and Mice. More than 100 publications to date!
• 2000: In collaboration with Dr. Porsolt, development of the operator-independent Tail Suspension Test (TST)
• 2001: Launch of the Rodent Pincher analgesimeter
• 2003: New line of Hot as well as Hot & Cold plates
• 2008: Creation of Bioseb USA in Florida
• 2009: Development of the Thermal Place Preference Test and the Thermal Gradient Test (TGT) apparatus
• 2010: In collaboration with Sherbrooke university, development of the Dynamic Weight Bearing (DWB) solution for inflammatory pain studies
• 2012: New Kinetic Weight Bearing (KWB)
• 2014: Introduction of 3D video technology on Open Field and Novel object recognition solutions
• 2015: New collaboration with the Pain Lab of the Institute of Pharmacology of Cracaw, Poland, on our ground-breaking Kinetic Weight Bearing instrument
• 2016: Introducing the new Electronic Von Frey with embedded video - more accurate, for better data
• 2017: Collaboration with Artialis on the evaluation of weight bearing and gait in Guinea pig - a world premiere
• 2018: Dynamic Weight Bearing 2.0: New software with automatic scoring and new domains of applications - vestibular disorder and osteoarthritis
Click here to see our entire range of in-vivo research solutions
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