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Pain studies on mouse-based models
Internship abroad for 6 to 12 months
Host country 2013-2014: Canada
Partner: Quebec Pain Research Network
Financial award : 12.000 EUR
For the progress of life sciences
Promoting intercultural & interdisciplinary exchanges

Introduction :

Jacques Desevré, founder of Bioseb
Jacques Desevré
BIOSEB calls for innovative project proposals, which will be funded by a new scholarship for applied research in pre-clinical neuroscience. The aim of this scholarship is to support doctoral students or recent PhD graduates in obtaining a new international experience by doing a laboratory internship abroad for a minimum of 6 months.

In line with the objectives of our founder Jacques Desevré, BIOSEB wishes to increase the mobility of young French and/or European researchers while supporting research progress in life science and promoting intercultural and interdisciplinary exchanges.

The detailed description of the terms and conditions of the Bioseb Pain Scholarship can be downloaded here.

Description :

This call for project proposals is meant to offer to doctoral students or recent PhD graduates the possibility to complement their academic training with the learning and using of state-of-the-art techniques and instruments in the field of experimental neuroscience in a non-European country.

For the 2013-2014 edition, candidates should, using systems recently developed by Bioseb (Foot Misplacement apparatus, Weight Bearing Systems, Place Preference Systems) on mouse models, propose a subject linked to following research areas:
  • Pain assessment through the alteration of basic functional behaviors (indirect measurements)
  • Functional measurement of chronic pain
  • Development of new methods for the quantitative measurement of non-evoked pain
The host country for 2013-20014 is Canada, with the support of the Quebec Pain Research Network (QPRN).

Funding :

The funding of the project is provided through two equivalent grants awarded by the BIOSEB SAS company based in France and by the Quebec Pain Research Network (QPRN), for a total scholarship of 12000 € / 16000 $ CAN. This grant is global and will be awarded in two steps :
  • • 50% at the beginning of the internship upon proof of visa.
  • • 50% at the end of the internship upon presentation of the research thesis as well as research poster validated by a jury member.
It is the candidate’s responsibility to follow the hosting country’s legislation, especially in terms of visa. No additional funding will be provided for any spousal and/or dependent. It is essential for any candidate traveling with their family to make sure that they dispose of sufficient resources.

Scholarship timeframe :

The research scholarship is meant to fund a full-time internship between 6 months minimum and 12 months maximum, and can’t be extended.

Candidates :

Candidates must:
  • • Be citizens of the European Union.
  • • Be registered as doctoral students presenting their thesis in 2013, or having presented their thesis within 12 months max. before the application deadline.
  • • Have prepared their thesis and presented their work during symposiums and congresses in the relevant research area within the last two years.
  • • Note: Candidates who interrupted their research activity due to a maternity leave can obtain an extension of these deadlines.
Application :

The application must include following elements :
  • • The application form, filled up and signed by the candidate, which you can download here.
  • Research proposal: the research proposal will be written to highlight the precise problematic to be studied during the internship, along with the proposed approach and methodology. We suggest that the candidates write their research proposal as clearly and simply as possible. The selection committee members come from a large spectrum of disciplines and might not be experts in the research area of the candidate. We expect the candidates to write their research proposal themselves, and to clearly reference ideas and texts from third parties. (2 pages maximum).
  • • A proposed schedule listing the different research steps as well as the intermediate evaluation points (who/how).
  • • A provisional personal budget accounting for the sums to be invested by the candidate for his traveling and his daily life in Canada during the internship. This document aims at demonstrating the adaptive and planning skills of the candidates.
  • Curriculum vitae : the curriculum vitae should not contain any picture nor personal information like birth date. (2 pages maximum).
  • Publications : a list of academic or specialized publications authored or co-authored by the candidate, in a bibliographical format adapted to the discipline.
  • Optional : A 5 minutes recorded audio/video presentation presenting their program, including bits in English and French.
  • • A commitment letter stating that the candidate, in case of their nomination, commit to provide a detailed report at the end of their project, to mention the support of Bioseb and the QPRN in any publication about the project, to work full-time on the project, and to not have any other contractual commitment during the internship period.
  • • A recommendation letter from a scientific personality of professional renown, with whom the candidate collaborated and who will state the importance of additional training abroad.
Deadline :

The application deadline is the 30th of June 2013.
Files and forms must be sent by e-mail to following address :
Incomplete applications or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered for the scholarship.

Selection process:

Applications will be pre-examined in order to determine whether all required elements are included before being forwarded to the selection committee.

A selection committee including 3 members plus a representative of Bioseb will meet to assess the quality of the applications. This committee will include members of the French and Canadian networks, as well as a third scientific advisor from a related scientific area, and will evaluate the different applications before awarding the scholarship to the laureate.

Critères de sélection :

The relevance of the research proposal and the skills of the candidates, including their academic and/or professional experience will be evaluated. The applications will be evaluated using following criteria :
  • Relevance of the research proposal :
    - Clarity
    - Feasibility
    - Aim and methodology
    - Technical approach
    - Clinical applications and relevance

  • Communication, interpersonal and leadership skills:
    - The assessment of communication, interpersonal and leadership skills will be based on the methods and organizational skills demonstrated by the candidate’s academic curriculum, as well as the research done while pursuing professional goals.
Communication and publication on project proposals :

By applying:
  • • The candidates allow BIOSEB to publish on their website the project proposals, while mentioning the candidates’ names.
  • • The candidate will have to mention whether they already received a scholarship from a French or international institution in 2012 or 2013, and whether they have applied for another scholarship in 2013 (if yes, please mention the name of the institution).
  • • The Laureate allows BIOSEB to publish on their website an abstract of the internship thesis as well as the corresponding poster.
  • • The Laureate commits to present their research work during a neuroscience congress.
Contact :

For more information about the Bioseb Pain Scholarship, please contact:

PHONE: +33 4 42 34 43 60 FAX: +33 4 42 34 78 53


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