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(Model: LE56506 - For six rats or six mice)
Designed to be used with one of the LE 500X pressure meter, our warming chambers can control up to 6 animals (rats or mice) sequentially, or 12 animals if connecting 2 systems - between the room temperature and 38ºC, with advanced programming functions. An ideal tool for Phenotyping, Hypertension/hypotension studies, Obesity, Kidney disease studies, Addison’s disease studies, and much more.

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! NEW RESEARCH WORK ! A recent publication by C. Mingorance, L. Duluc, M. Chalopin, G. Simard, P.-H. Ducluzeau et al. in "PloS ONE" highlights the merits of using Bioseb's Warming chambers for pressure measurement: Propionyl-L-carnitine Corrects Metabolic and Cardiovascular Alterations in Diet-Induced Obese Mice and Improves Liver Respiratory Chain Activity.

Propionyl-L-carnitine Corrects Metabolic and Cardiovascular Alterations in Diet-Induced Obese Mice and Improves Liver Respiratory Chain Activity.
C. Mingorance, L. Duluc, M. Chalopin, G. Simard, P.-H. Ducluzeau et al.
University of Sevilla, School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacology, Sevilla, Spain.
Published in "PloS ONE" (2012-03-23)

AIMS: Obesity is a primary contributor to acquired insulin resistance leading to the development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular alterations. The carnitine derivate, propionyl-L-carnitine (PLC), plays a key role in energy control. Our aim was to evaluate metabolic and cardiovascular effects of PLC in diet-induced obese mice. METHODS: C57BL/6 mice were fed a high-fat diet for 9 weeks and then divided into two groups, receiving either free- (vehicle-HF) or PLC-supplemented water (200 mg/kg/day) during 4 additional weeks. Standard diet-fed animals were used as lean controls (vehicle-ST). Body weight and food intake were monitored. Glucose and insulin tolerance tests were assessed, as well as the HOMA(IR), the serum lipid profile, the hepatic and muscular mitochondrial activity and the tissue nitric oxide (NO) liberation. Systolic blood pressure, cardiac and endothelial functions were also evaluated. RESULTS: Vehicle-HF displayed a greater increase of body weight compared to vehicle-ST that was completely reversed by PLC treatment without affecting food intake. PLC improved the insulin-resistant state and reversed the increased total cholesterol but not the increase in free fatty acid, triglyceride and HDL/LDL ratio induced by high-fat diet. Vehicle-HF exhibited a reduced cardiac output/body weight ratio, endothelial dysfunction and tissue decrease of NO production, all of them being improved by PLC treatment. Finally, the decrease of hepatic mitochondrial activity by high-fat diet was reversed by PLC. CONCLUSIONS: Oral administration of PLC improves the insulin-resistant state developed by obese animals and decreases the cardiovascular risk associated to this metabolic alteration probably via correction of mitochondrial function.
Multi-animal model: LE 56506

This warming chamber increases measurement performances when uses with one of the LE500X non-invasive pressure meter.
It's possible to heat up to 6 animal and this number can be doubled by linking it to another one.

Getting reliable measurement is made easier by the vasodilatation due to the device.

Moreover, when a cuff and a transducer is used for each subject, the device makes possible to switch between animals without any need to manipulate them again.
This change is made manually by pressing a button on the LE5001 and LE5002 instrument, but is automatic on the LE5007.

This multi-animal heater offers the optimal way to get quick and reliable measurement while increasing greatly the number of animals treated by experiment.

Main functionalities

• Automated heater with temperature adjustable from room temperature to 38ºC
• The heater is provided with switches for controlling up to 6 animals sequentially.
• The switch function can be performed automatically or programmed using the LE 5007.
• Up to 2 units can be connected ensure the sequential measurement of 12 animals without having to change the pulse transducers and tail cuffs.
• A fan ensures appropriate air flow and correct dispersion of the heat produced by a system of electronically controlled resistances.

Warming chambers for pressure measurement: individual model
Warming chambers for pressure measurement: individual model LE5610
Individual Model: LE5610

This warming tunnel is an economical device but essential for all the studies on mice. Vasodilatation is in this case an indispensable condition for successful pressure measurement.

Domains of application

• Cardiovascular studies - Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
• Drug screening
• Phenotyping
• Hypertension/hypotension studies
• Obesity
• Kidney disease studies
• Addison’s disease studies
• Sepsis
• Toxin reaction studies

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Temperature up to 38ºC
Animals up to 6 sequentially
up to 12 if connecting 2 systems
Ventilation integrated
"Switch" function Automatic or programmed via LE5007

Warming chambers for pressure measurement
For six rats or six mice Contact us

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