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(Model: EZ-SA800)
An economical alternative when a simple, entry-level system is sufficient

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Our Anesthesia Single Animal System is designed as an economical alternative when a simple, entry-level system is sufficient. It offers an user-friendly, simple operation with a level of precise automation that minimizes operator error.


Our safe and easy-to-use system:
• Can accommodate animals ranging in size from neonate mice to rabbits. Swiching from working with mice to rats is as easy as changing a nosecone.
• Is designed for operation of a single breathing device at one time
• Has a y-splitter valve that can direct anesthetic output to either the induction chamber or the breathing circuit
• Incorporates a breathing valve that controls gas flow to the nosecone and protects both animals and technicians from overexposure to gas
• Gets an oxygen flush to purge the induction chamber before removing animal
• Has a carry handle to facilitate safe, easy transport of the unit

Domains of application

This complete system allows you to easily perform the induction of an anesthesia on a small animal (rat or mice) and to keep it anesthetize during a surgery or another operation.

Supplied with

Our system comes complete with the following equipments:
• EZ-108SA Single Animal Vaporizer Unit
• EZ-103A Microflex Mouse/Rat Non-Rebreathing Device
• EZ-178 Mouse/Rat Sure-Seal Induction Chamber
• EZ-258 ReFresh Charcoal Filters (8)
• EZ-320 Oxygen Regulator for “H” tanks
• Mouse/Rat nosecones, nosecone plugs, charcoal filters stand, and all connecting tubes

Single Animal Anesthesia System
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