Vertigo, proprioception, balance trouble: how to evaluate in rat Model? - Bioseb Newsletter - June 2018

"Use of the dynamic weight bearing as a sensible parameter for the diagnose of postural deficit following a vestibular injury in rodent"
Poster honored by the AFSTAL committee, C.Authissier Prize
A recent study from Aix Marseille University, France, suggests that postural evaluation is strongly correlated to vestibular brain damage on rat. Vestibular nerve section induced balance disorder with a similar pattern as on human being, especially on elderly population.

Current findings demonstrate the validity of Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing in the assessment of vestibular disease, as well as its efficacy in the evaluation of spontaneous recovery, through the measure of postural deficit in a freely-moving animal. It opens the application field of DWB to new applications such as balances troubles, inner ear injury, aging disability, etc.

Let's discuss your applications: discover the new DWB2 at FENS, Berlin, booth #26.

• Measures the weight borne on all 4 paws, tail, and other body parts
• Release animal-stress bias, thanks to its use on unrestrained subjects
New : improved algorithms and higher acquisition frequency, for an enhanced accuracy in the results
New : additional postures are now available for analyse
New : software interface completely redesigned for a user-friendly browsing
New : now 100% compatible with Guinea Pig study!
Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing Test for Rats and Mice
See you soon in Berlin, Germany!
We can't wait to see you in Berlin, Germany, at FENS 2018! Let discuss your specific applications and discover the new features of DWB2 at FENS, Berlin, booth #26.