Detecting pain without poking - Bioseb Newsletter - September 2018
Dear Dr. %LASTNAME%,

Are you looking for a faster & more reliable way
to detect pain in your animal models?
Many pain tests require the operator to apply a stimulus to restrained animals to conduct pain assessment, introducing inter-operator variability and subject stress. Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing (DWB) test is the only operator-independent, spontaneous pain test not requiring animal restraint.

Available for a live demo at IASP 2018 in Boston on both #401: The new DWB2 offers improvements in both speed and software user experience while optimizing results accuracy and reliability. Follow this link to learn about the unique features of the device and access more than 30 publications demonstrating its utility

• Measures the weight borne on all 4 paws, tail, and other body parts
• Release animal-stress bias, thanks to its use on unrestrained subjects
New : improved algorithms and higher acquisition frequency to increase results accuracy
New : additional postures are available for analysis, including while the subject is in motion
New : software interface completely redesigned foruser-friendly browsing
New : now 100% compatible with Guinea Pig study!
Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing Test for Rats and Mice
See you soon in Boston, USA!
Available for demonstration will be a range of spontaneous pain, thermal and mechanical allodynia/hyperalgesia, activity, motor control & coordination instruments developed by our R&D teams in support of your pain-related research. It will be a great opportunity to discuss your latest research projects with us, as well as your current equipment needs!

Not planning to attend IASP this year? No problem. Bioseb will be there for you when the time is right. To schedule your congress instrument demonstration or telephone consultation with one of our technical experts contact