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Perceiving a nociceptive stimulus is one thing, but... how much does it hurt ? Reporting an objective and quantifiable level of pain is difficult and requires the correct method and the dedicated instrumentation. With more than 20 years of experience, Bioseb is your reliable partner and can advise you the most suitable solution for your work on In-Vivo Field with rodents. Our participation in OARSI Meeting in Amsterdam will be a good opportunity for you to evaluate our ready-to-be-used instruments.
Looking forward to meeting you on booth nš13 in Amsterdam!

Bioseb's Kinetic Weight Bearing When a painful stimulus has to be applied on a particular area, Bioseb offers a large range of Algometers, devices with specific stimulators, where the evoked-pain level is directly measured and displayed.

Electronic Von Frey: For sensibility threshold of rodent's plantar area

Smalgo: With its specific stimulator for joint-application, extremely useful in OA-research

Rodent Pincher: For the mechanical threshold in limbs and tail

Bioseb's Kinetic Weight Bearing
Pain assessment not always requires a direct stimulation. In most of the case, standing on its own body can create a discomfortable sensation. Arthritis, Joint inflammation, etc. are classical examples of diseases where weight bearing devices are the gold-standard methods to measure spontaneous pain :

Static Weight Bearing (SWB) is a simple device, and allows a basic measure of instability in the hind paws

Dynamic Weight Bearing (DWB) allows pain assessment on all 4 paws, during a non-restrained exploration of the cage

Kinetic Weight Bearing (KWB) give the results of the gait efforts applied by a rat or a mice, during a walking sequence.
Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing (DWB)
Pain-related behaviors are nowadays studied in more details, because we all have to live with pain. Does my subject feels less pain if it runs more frequently ? Will it moves more during night if its suffer from injury ? This requires an objective observation and, in this field, Bioseb would advice :

• Activity monitoring for 24hr or more, with its Activmeter, an innovative way to quantify rodent's activity in its home-cage.

• Spontaneous exercise observation, thanks to Running Wheels equipped with counter and software, which are able to measure the travelled distance, the speed and the number of access to the wheel.

All those equipment and methods will be available for free demo
at OsteoArthritis Research Society International (OARSI) World Congress in Amsterdam, Netherland
from 31st of March to 3rd of April on booth #13

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