In-vivo Animal models : what's new for OA study ? - Bioseb Newsletter - April 2018

How can I make my animals tell me about their pain sensation ?
What instrument is the best on the market to explore rodents' joint pain & knee stability ?
How to be sure about the accuracy and relevancy of the experimental results ?

If you have ever ask those questions, we, at Bioseb, have an answer for you !
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Meet our Team and ask for a demo on the Dynamic Weight Bearing device !

• Measures the weight borne on all 4 paws, tail, and other body parts
• Release animal-stress bias, thanks to its use on unrestrained subjects
New : improved algorithms and higher acquisition frequency, for an enhanced accuracy in the results
New : additional postures are now available for analyse
New : software interface completely redesigned for a user-friendly browsing
New : now 100% compatible with Guinea Pig study!
Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing Test for Rats and Mice
DWB2 : Why do I need this instrument in my lab ?

The Dynamic Weight Bearing has been invented by Bioseb in order to measure the postural deficit by mean of the weight bearing on each paw of an unrestrained animal.

Widely used in the study of pain, the most renowned labs have immediately adopted the DWB as a must-have for their work on OA. Thanks to its innovative technology, the DWB is a powerful instrument with an immediate reading of rodent's postural change, coming from cartilage degradation, vestibular disorders or inflammatory pain.

This 2018's version of DWB is demonstrating a lot of new features and improvement, especially in the automating scoring efficiency.

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We can't wait to see you in Liverpool, UK, at OARSI 2018! Let's discuss your research with our international technical experts and discover the latest innovation to achieve your goals.