Improve the reliability of your behavior studies - Bioseb Newsletter - November 2018

Bioseb's Dynamic Weight Bearing Test for Rats and Mice
Are you looking for a faster and more reliable way
to evaluate behavior in your animal models?

Many behavior tests require a lot of operator involvement, introducing variability & stress:
• Pain tests often require the operator to apply a stimulus to restrained animals
• Learned helplessness and anxiety assays involve meticulous operator observation
• Tests of motor coordination and learning rely upon operator scoring accuracy

Then look no further! Bioseb's philosophy is to automate the study of rodent behavior with precise, fast and reliable measurement, minimizing the degree of operator involvement.
Bioseb's Advanced Dynamic Weight Bearing for Rats and Mice

If PAIN is your game...

Advanced Dynamic
Weight Bearing
Only operator-independent, spontaneous pain test not requiring animal restraint. Precisely measure changes in postural equilibrium in freely moving rodents by assessing weight distribution on each of their 4 paws, tail & other body parts.
Bioseb's Forced Swimming Test for Rats and Mice
Reduce ANXIETY from worrying
if you missed
an anxious behavior event

Forced Swimming Test:
Dual Sensor
Combining a double input from vibrations and video, the Train-Your-Computer algorithm compares both inputs to determine the animal's behavior in real time, making results completely operator-independent.
Bioseb's Automated Ladder Test for Rats and Mice
Assure every FOOT FAULT
is real and not
a manual scoring misstep
Ladder Test
Allows qualitative & quantitative measure of rodent motor-coordination with an automated recognition and anatomical assignment of paw misplacement. Learning can be assayed with complex ladder configurations.
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