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Are you looking for a new behavior test to measure the effectiveness of your intervention? Bioseb has created productive solutions for challenging problems.
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• Objective & Sensitive
• Reliable & Automated
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• Budget-Conscious
Bioseb's Automated Ladder Test for Rats and Mice
Ladder Test
Allows qualitative & quantitative measure of rodent motor-coordination with an automated recognition and anatomical assignment of paw misplacement. Learning can be assayed with complex ladder configurations.
Bioseb's All-in-One Analgesimeter for Rats and Mice
Economical and versatile solution for when flexible quantitative sensory testing (QST) is needed. Electronic Von Frey, Rodent Pincher, Small animal Algometer and Static Weight Bearing measurement from a common control unit and software. Convenient compact benchtop footprint.
Bioseb's Advanced Dynamic Weight Bearing for Rats and Mice
Advanced Dynamic
Weight Bearing
Only operator-independent, spontaneous pain test not requiring animal restraint. Precisely measure changes in postural equilibrium in freely moving rodents by assessing weight distribution on each of their 4 paws, tail & other body parts.
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Each year, Bioseb meets with scientists from around the world at SFN to discover new ideas, share their latest developments, and experience the best the field has to offer. This year, we want to meet with you! Oct. 19-23rd, Booth #1371, Bioseb Scientists, Engineers, and Software Developers will be available to discuss your needs and demonstrate a large selection of innovative behavior testing instruments in each of our signature research areas.
Schedule a personal appointment with Bioseb at the Neuroscience Meeting in Chicago