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KWB: Thank You to the European Federation Krakow Pain School

The Pain Lab of the Institute of Pharmacology of Kracow, Poland, is as excited as we are about their upcoming research work using our ground-breaking Kinetic Weight Bearing instrument! Let them tell us more about it:

Pain Lab is one of the very few research laboratories possessing KWB. The KWB has been validated by Marseille (CNRS UMR 7286, Faculty of Medecine, Université de la Mediterranée, Marseille) and Florida?s labs (The Miami project to Cure Paralysis) that had the equipment on rent. In the coming month, Bioseb is going to install a KWB in dual-version (Rat+Mice) at Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California.

We do hope we?ll be able to gain much exciting kinetic data. KWB provides information on applied weight as well as the speed and acceleration of each paw as the animal moves toward the end point of the runaway platform. This additional data provides facts on coordination and gait comparison paw-to-paw and step-to-step.

Well, it looks like we are ready to perform the first development curve for OA animals.

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The Bioseb team is certainly looking forward to the innovative research work that the PainLab of Cracaw will be able to perform using our Kinetic Weight Bearing instrument. We work very closely with laboratories all around the world to drive our Research & Development towards new developments that match the latest application needs - and our Kinetic Weight Bearing aims at providing a new tool for your research on analgesia, nociception and neuroscience, especially suited for work on Parkinson?s disease, Alzheimer?s disease, arthritis, brain or spinal cord injury.

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European Federation Krakow Pain School: a great meeting!

Bioseb would like to thank the European Federation Krakow Pain School for the professional, and always friendly, organisation of the first European Federation Krakow Pain School Meeting.

The Translation Pain Event : from Lab to Clinic, which happened from the 5th to th 9th of July in Krakow, Poland, gathered the highest Specialists on Pain and selected high-profile Pain students for lectures and practical workshops. One of the workshops involved the Dynamic Weight Bearing, a Bioseb innovation, which has become a gold-standard equipment for Pain evaluation!

This event was the occasion for us to demonstrate Bioseb's practical expertise in Pain research specifically on rodent, with the presentation of a wide range of instruments for basic and advanced research.

The European Federation Krakow Pain School was not only appreciated for the quality of the lectures and participants' discussions: Anne did also really enjoy the warm evening atmosphere of Krakow during the guided tour.

We wish the European Federation Krakow Pain School all the best, with the hope that this event will be the first of a long and successful story!

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