Tail Suspension Test - Wireless
Bioseb's version 5 of the Tail Suspension Test system, based on both strain sensors and video acquisition, is the...


Aron Test or Four Plates Test
The Four Plates Test is an exclusivity from BIOSEB! The Aron test allows a quick characterization of putative...


Vogel's test
Conflict test that has become a standard for fast screening the potential anxiolytic properties of drugs


Open Field
Open-field test - ARENA ONLY - used to evaluate of animal's basal activity and its evolution for rodents (rats and...


Elevated Zero-maze
The Zero-Maze is an alternative to the elevated maze for rodents (rats and mice), without the center square to avoid...


Social Box
A popular and standard paradigm to study general social behavior, and to assess social interaction in mice - a must...


Black & White Test Box
Comparison of anxiolytic drug-induced ease of exploratory activity between an illuminated compartment and a dark...


Elevated Plus Maze : EPM3C - 3 clicks only !
NEW ! A complete (hardware + software), dedicated and automated solution for the Elevated Plus Maze test, featuring...


OF3C - Automated 3D Open Field System
A unique setup for the automation of the Open Field test for rats and mice : 3D-camera based technology is now...