Grip strength test
An easy way to objectively quantify the muscular strength of rodents (mouse and rat), and to assess the effect of...


Cold Hot Plate Test
For testing animal's thermal sensitivity to pain resulting from exposure to heat or cold: the Cold Hot Plate is an...


Aron Test or Four Plates Test
The Four Plates Test is an exclusivity from BIOSEB! The Aron test allows a quick characterization of putative...


Dynamic Weight Bearing 2.0
The advanced version of our Dynamic Weight Bearing Test allows for faster paw identification, based on a video...


Infrared Actimeter
Used to Measure SPONTANEOUS motor activity in an open field by mean of photoelectric Infra Red beams


Novel Object Recognition Test 3D
A brand new innovative setup for the automation of the Novel Object Recognition Test : 3D-camera based technology is...


Automatic Foot misplacement apparatus
A unique, automatic apparatus for the detailed and objective modeling of walking and coordination disorders in mice...


Elevated Plus Maze : EPM3C - 3 clicks only !
NEW ! A complete (hardware + software), dedicated and automated solution for the Elevated Plus Maze test, featuring...


Passive avoidance
Fear-motivated tests classically used to assess short-term or long-term memory on small laboratory animals


Electronic Von Frey 4
A quick solution to determine the mechanical sensitivity threshold in rodents (mice and rats). This precise and...


OXYLET, Indirect Calorimeter
The OXYLET system - Physiocage is a modular system allowing the integration of respiratory metabolism (O2...


Electronic Von Frey 5 with embedded camera
The latest evolution of Bioseb's Electronic Von Frey instrument for determining the mechanical sensitivity threshold...