Rodent pincher - analgesia meter
A fast and accurate algometer based on an instrumented pincher as an alternative to the Randall-Selitto test: This...


Jump Test
The "jump to escape" test is an entirely new set-up for the evaluation of the escaping behaviour of mice...


Von Frey Filaments
A set of 20 monofilaments based on the Semmes Weinstein monofilament set - featuring retractable filaments to...


SMALGO: SMall animal ALGOmeter
Dedicated to small animals, like mice and rats, Smalgo is a pressure-based analgesimeter designed for easy...


OF3C - Automated 3D Open Field System
A unique setup for the automation of the Open Field test for rats and mice : 3D-camera based technology is now...


Thermal Gradient Test
The operator-independant Thermal Gradient Test is a new analgesia/nociceptive research instrument to demonstrate...

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