Spontaneous activity wheels

Reference: BIO-ACTIVW-M

The BIOSEB Spontaneous Activity Wheel is an easy way to quantify rodent voluntary activity in their home cage environment. The embedded electronics perform a wide range of measurements, including: wheel revolutions, average/min/max speed, acceleration, utilization time, number of access events among others . A useful tool for studies on Drug Screening, Phenotyping Circadian Rhythms, and Neuromuscular Diseases; now with a software-independent LCD display and redesigned software controlling up to 64 wheels!

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Activity wheel for rodent, by Bioseb
Activity wheel for rodent, by Bioseb


Bioseb Spontaneous Activity Wheel is an easy and cost-efficient way to quantify rodents' voluntary activity in the supplied home cage environment (Type IIL and III cages), with models available for both mice and rat. Measurements include the distance run in both directions, the number of wheel revolutions, average/min/max speed, acceleration, total time in the wheel, number of access events, and can be displayed in statistical form or sorted by custom time periods.

The system allows you to longitudinally monitor and record the parameters pertaining to the voluntary exercise of an animal, that can freely decide upon its timing and intensity over extended periods of time (several days or weeks) in order to analyze the differences in behavior and exercising patterns induced by drugs or surgical manipulation. Bioseb Spontaneous Activity Wheels are an ideal tool for studies on Drug Screening, Phenotyping, Circadian Rhythms, and Neuromuscular Diseases.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

New embedded LCD screen of Bioseb
New embedded LCD screen:
Automatic counter

Highly reliable sensors offer an excellent angular resolution (22°) and time resolution (0.1 seconds) to accurately record spontaneous exercising behavior, even allowing the study of subject acceleration and power pattern.

A complete digital solutionis provided by Bioseb’s ACTIVW-SOFT software allowing you to monitor up to 64 cages simultaneously via an external connection to the PC USB port (up to 5 m between cage and PC).

Product Details


Data sheet

Data output
2 USB output required
Dimensions - Overall
For Rats : Wheel diameter - 34 cm, Lane width - 9 cm For mice : Wheel diameter - 23 cm, Lane width - 7 cm
Sampling rate
Data sent to software at 1Hz



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