Reference: BIO-ACTIV2-M

The uncomplicated way to monitor rodent activity over several days from their home cage without manual effort. Based only on weight analysis, Bioseb's ACTIVMETER measures accurately Activity and Locomotion of rodents (mice and rats) whatever the lights conditions.

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Bioseb has developed a really simple-to-use and miniature actimetry system. The instrument uses weight to measure the locomotion and includes exhaustive functions to quantify rodent activity over short or long periods of time. It is usually set over up  to 48 hours to quantify the activity over the circadian cycle.

With a very competitive pricing for 1 to 8 cages, it is a 'must' when you need to simply quantify the locomotor phenotype of your mice and rats. The ACTIVMETER allows the accurate measurement of the rodent's activity in its familiar environment using the animal's ‘Home Cage' (including grid, pellets and bottle), and it can also be used in any other kind of environment (open field, etc.).

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

The Bioseb Activmeter uses 4 force sensors located at the 4 corners of the cage in order to precisely measure the movements of the animal with a precision of 1 centimeter. The fine analysis, in grams, of the distribution of forces on these sensors allows not only a measurement of the mobile activity of the animal but also of the immobile activity (grooming etc..). In addition, the software integrates algorithms to eliminate various biases such as litter movement in the cage and allows to follow the animal whatever the environmental conditions (food, drink, light...).

Why should you use Bioseb ActivMeter BIO-ACTIV2 ?

Homecage Monitoring
No curiosity bias or habituation
No surgery
Use platform with mice or rat cages

Space Saving
Small footprint saves bench/rack space
Up to 8 platforms connect to a single data interface and PC

Activity Expressed in Real Terms
• Distance (cm) & duration (s)
No “count” or arbitrary units

Longitudinal Data Collection in All Light Conditions
Up to 48hr slice of life

Multi-Format Data Display
3 states recognized : immobile/slow movement/fast movement
Data Table, Actigraph, Heat Map, Nest Drawing

Product Details


Data sheet

1 cm
Data output
Dimensions - Animal container
Eurostandard Type II L for Mice and type III for rats
Dimensions - Overall
L :536 x l : 286 x h : 71,5 mm
Experimental subjects
Mice and Rats
Number of animals
1 animal per Platform - Up to 8 platforms connected to 1 Software
Experiment time from 300 seconds to 48 hours
Sampling rate
80 Hz
Included dedicated software

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