Elevated Zero-maze

Reference: LE841

The Zero-Maze is an alternative to the elevated maze for rodents (rats and mice), without the center square to avoid ambiguous results:
for evaluation of the anxiety-like behaviour in rodents

Instrument for ratsInstrument for mice

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Modification of the classic Elevated Plus Maze, the BIOSEB Zero-Maze is also a model for the evaluation of the anxiety like behaviour in rodents.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

There is no central point so the animal is always in a closed arm or open arm.
It prevents any ambiguity in interpretation of the time spent in the different fields.

Zero-maze for evaluation of the anxiety-like behaviour in rodents (rats and mice)

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Data sheet

Dimensions - Overall
LE841 Rat - Diameter Ext. 1050 mm – Diameter Int. 850 mm – Walls height 295 mm – Base Elevation 510 mm LE845 Mice - Diameter Ext. 460 mm - Diameter Int. 350 mm – Walls height 70 mm – Base Elevation 500 mm