Bioseb is the world's largest company and the leading manufacturer of research instruments for in vivo pain study. Additionally, Bioseb designs and manufactures solutions for anxiety and depression evaluation, motor coordination measurement as well as behavior analysis systems for neuroscience research. Futhermore, Bioseb recently introduced a new range of solutions for measuring metabolism parameters. Bioseb provides products and support services to customers in 50 countries.

Since 1993, Bioseb is proud of a long tradition of leadership and innovation in the field of in-vivo research instruments: we keep expanding our product lines and services in order to meet emerging customer needs and new research fields. Our wide array of capabilities includes creating new and more efficient measurement devices suiting ultra-accurate research protocols, especially involving rodents, as well as advanced technology solutions that give more features to our customers based on researcher’s feedback during field visits in labs, as well as neuroscience, pain and in-vivo experimentation congresses.

Operating from Vitrolles (France) and Pinellas Park (USA), we are constantly improving our offers and processes to ensure our company provides the very best options for our customers, making your in-vivo research applications faster, more accurate and reliable.

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  • 1996 : Acquisition of BIOSEB by Jacques Desevré (Mechanical Engineering Degree Paristech/Arts et Metiers, MBA for Purdue University /Kraner), with the vision to develop innovative instruments and serve the In-Vivo Research community. Today, with more than 25 years of experience, BIOSEB has become one of the leading companies in the Neuroscience Field and continues to grow.
  • 1998 : Launch of the first Grip Strength Meter and entry into the Neuroscience Field. 20 years after its development, the BIO-GS3 is recommended by several prestigious Phenotype Centers around the World.
  • 2000 : On request of Dr. Porsolt, Bioseb reinvented the Tail Suspension Test (TST) and developed an automated software analysis tool. After the success of this collaboration, Bioseb undertook extensive automation of several foundational behavioural tests, and now offers a broad portfolio of operator-independent devices.
  • 2001-2007 : Bioseb’s R&D team recognized the need for reliable instruments for the study of Pain, and developed several electronic measuring devices such as the Electronic Von Frey, the Rodent Pincher, the Dynamic Cold/Hot Plate, etc. Bioseb has maintained focus on the study of Pain and is considered as a major player in this field.
  • 2008 : Opening of Bioseb US Branch in Pinellas Park, Florida. Having placed instruments in more than 1000 laboratories in the US, BIOSEB is now credited as a preferred Vendor throughout the US.
  • 2010 : In collaboration with Sherbrooke University (Canada), Bioseb developed the Dynamic Weight Bearing (DWB) instrument, a solution for the study of inflammatory pain on freely-moving rodents. After several upgrades, the BIO-DWB is still the most reliable solution for the investigation of postural diseases, and is an exclusive Bioseb product.
  • 2011 : Since Jacques Desevré passed away in 2011, a renewed Bioseb team has settled and maintained the same spirit of curiosity, innovation and close collaboration with field researchers to design and develop new and improved solutions. Cutting-edge instruments are addressing needs identified by our research partners in the laboratory, and paving the way for new applications.
  • 2014 : Bioseb expanded its international presence with distribution in China, Japan, South Kora, and Taiwan.
  • 2017 : Bioseb France Headquarters Site Expansion : Bioseb’s Headquarters expanded engineering and production labs, warehouse capacity, administration offices, and enhanced logistics and quality control measures.
  • 2020 : Launch of new Bioseb website, demonstrating all applications of Bioseb's devices with the target of transparency and customer's information. More than 1000 publications are listed and available for you !