Eight arms radial maze

Reference: LE768
Used in behavioural laboratories for evaluating working
and reference memory in rodents

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The Eight Arms Radial Maze is extensively used in behavioural laboratories for evaluating spatial memory but also non-spatial memory associated with motivational cues (classically food).

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

The BIOSEB radial maze consists in a central area with eight sliding doors giving access to eight equally-sized arms. The maze, made of black Plexiglas, is mounted on a tripod with adjustable height high (until 1 m). Each arm has lateral walls with a height higher in the proximal side of the arm than in the distal side. In the distal extreme of each arm, a detachable recessed cup can be installed or replaced by cover (all included).

The sliding doors can be opened and closed manually or automatically, with two options in both cases:
• Manual doors operation can be made by the user in-site, by means of a mechanical thread system with pulley or off-site, by using a control unit with eight switches, one for each sliding door.
• Automated doors operation can be controlled by the animal position throughout the test using the Mazesoft-8 software associated with photoelectrical cell mounted on the radial maze and the corresponding control units, or using the SMART video-tracking system associated with the Input/Output device.

A water version of the radial maze is also available.

icone-param.gifParameters Measured

• Chronological sequence of animal positioning in the radial maze (MAZESOFT-8 and SMART)
• Time of entry in each zone (MAZESOFT-8 and SMART)
• Current position (MAZESOFT-8 and SMART)
• Total number of entries in each zone (MAZESOFT-8 and SMART)
• Total number of reference and working memory (MAZESOFT-8)
• Other integrated parameters: number of visits into the arms, response latency etc...

icone-feat.gifKey features

• Allows automated standard experiment
• Different possibilities of control for opening and closing the doors (manual or automated)
• Different possibilities for animal detection (photoelectrical cells, video-tracking...)
• Mounted on a tripod with adjustable height
Eight arms radial maze


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