Startle and Fear System

Reference: BX-START&FEAR

A polyvalent system for conducting both fear conditioning and startle reflex experiments

Instrument for ratsInstrument for mice

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The 'Startle and Fear' system is a polyvalent system taking advantage of the same equipment for conducting both fear conditioning and startle reflex experiments, regardless the animal is a rat or a mouse.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

Basically, the 'Startle and Fear' system allows the recording and the analysis of the signal generated by the animal movement through a high sensitivity Weight Transducer system. The analogical signal is transmitted to the STARTLE or FEAR software through the load cell unit for recording purposes and posterior analysis in terms of activity/immobility (fear conditioning) or startle response characterization (startle reflex). Two additional control units allow setting the frequency and the amplitude of the sound (pre-pulse, pulse, background noise) as well as the intensity of the shock.

The 'Startle and Fear' cage is made with black methacrylate walls and a transparent frond door. In fear conditioning experiment, the walls, cover and floor can be of different material or colour. Moreover, a transparent cylinder can be placed into the experimental chamber in order to modify the contextual spatial perception of the subject during the test phase.

Product Details


Data sheet

Dimensions - Animal container
Cage dimensions 250 (W) x 250 (D) x 250 (H) mm
Dimensions - Overall
Soundproof box dimensions 670 (W) x 530 (D) x 550 (H) mm
Methacrylate, aluminium, stainless steel
Number of animals
8 stations (8 animals) in 1 computer
Power supply
110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Sound frequency and amplitude - Prepulse/Pulse: adjustable from 200 to 10000 Hz Max 120 dB Sound frequency and amplitude - White noise from 60 to 120 dB



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