Reference: LE8820
Easy to use instrument for mice
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The hole board test has been conceived to study the behaviour of the mouse confronted to a new environment.

This test allows to evaluate effects of psychotropic drugs on the animal exploration behaviour.
It is performed in a few minutes and doesn't need any conditioning or training of the animal.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

Exploratory movements of the holes are automatically detected by Infrared. Miniature I.R. emitters and receptors are embodied in the holes walls. The control unit displays the results on a LCD Screen.To avoid counting interruption of the IR beam not due to exploratory movements (e.g. the tail falls in the hole), it's possible to program a latency time under which these events are not taken into account.


The board is 40 cm x 40 cm and 2.2 cm thick. It has 16 holes of 3 cm diameter and is made of grey Perpex. The matt finishing of the upper panel avoids reflections which may alter the animal behaviour.

The dimensions of the board have been optimised for 15 to 30g mice.


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