Episodic and chronic migraineurs are hypersensitive to thermal stimuli between migraine attacks-
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T. Schwedt, M. Krauss, K. Frey, R.W. Gereau 4th.

Washington University School of Medicine, St Louis,USA.


OBJECTIVE: To determine if migraineurs have evidence of interictal cutaneous sensitisation. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Thermal and mechanical pain thresholds in 20 episodic migraineurs, 20 chronic migraineurs, and 20 non-migraine control subjects were compared. Quantitative sensory testing was conducted when subjects had been migraine-free for at least 48_h. Heat, cold and mechanical pain thresholds, and heat and cold pain tolerance thresholds were measured. RESULTS: Thermal pain thresholds and thermal pain tolerance thresholds differed significantly by headache group (P_=_0.001). During the interictal period, episodic and chronic migraineurs were more sensitive to thermal stimulation than non-migraine controls. CONCLUSIONS: Interictal sensitisation may predispose the migraineur to development of headaches, may be a marker of migraine activity, and a target for treatment.

BIOSEB Instruments Used:
Von Frey Filaments (Bio-VF-M)

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