BIO-ACTIV2: a real activity tracker for your rodents

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BIO-ACTIV2: a real activity tracker for your rodents

Do you dream of an uncomplicated and affordable way to monitor rodent activity over several days from their home cage without manual effort ?

Bioseb makes that dream come true with the redesigned ActivMeter BIO-ACTIV2 !

Numerous diseases correlate with altered activity, which has led to the emergence of multiple options for measuring spontaneous rodent activity. Unfortunately, a number of these tracking solutions suffer from imprecise measurement, exorbitent price or require surgical intervention.

Utilizing platform-configured force sensor technology, BIO-ACTIV2 ActivMeter records rodent movement and immobility phases without the constraint of a video camera or surgical implant and with a displacement accuracy of 1 cm. Each activity parameter is captured in a user-friendly software that also displays diurnal actigraphs, heat maps and nest drawings.

Why should you use Bioseb ActivMeter BIO-ACTIV2 ?

Homecage Monitoring
• No curiosity bias or habituation
• No surgery
• Use platform with mice or rat cages

Space Saving
• Small footprint saves bench/rack space
• Up to 8 platforms connect to a single data interface and PC

Activity Expressed in Real Terms
• Distance (cm) & duration (s)
• No “count” or arbitrary units

Longitudinal Data Collection in All Light Conditions
• Up to 48hr slice of life

Multi-Format Data Display
• 3 states recognized : immobile/slow movement/fast movement
• Data Table, Actigraph, Heat Map, Nest Drawing
• Optional : Rearing Events, Grid Climbing (mice)

Have a look at the list of parameters measured with the BIO-ACTIV2 here !

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