SFN 2021: Meet Bioseb on our Virtual Booth

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SFN 2021: Meet Bioseb on our Virtual Booth
SFN 2021

Are you looking for a faster and more reliable way to evaluate behavior in your animal models?

Many behavior tests require a lot of operator involvement, introducing variability & stress:
• Pain tests often require the operator to apply a stimulus to restrained animals
• Learned helplessness and anxiety assays involve meticulous operator observation
• Tests of motor coordination and learning rely upon operator scoring accuracy

Then look no further! Bioseb's philosophy is to automate the study of rodent behavior with precise, fast and reliable measurement, minimizing the degree of operator involvement.

We are excited to introduce our latest instruments at SFN 2021 on our virtual booth! Available for demonstration will be, among other highlights, our Dynamic Weight Bearing, our Forced Swimming Test and our fully Automated Ladder Test.

It will be a great opportunity to discuss your latest research projects with us, as well as your current equipment needs!

Let us discuss your specific applications on our virtual booth at SFN 2021!

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