Modular holder cages for rats and mice

Reference: BIO-PVF

New ROBUST and modular cages to gently hold rodents (rats or mice) during nociceptive and analgesic tests including Hargreaves and Von Frey protocols: an innovative, solid, practical and user-friendly design by Bioseb.

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Bioseb designed new modular cages to gently hold rodents during nociceptive and analgesic tests including Hargreaves and Von Frey protocols. The result is a new and innovative concept offering a more solid, practical and user-friendly solution to acclimate animals and running popular nociceptive and analgesic protocols.

Each cage can hold up to 2 rats or 6 mice, and cages can be combined and linked to build cage blocks that are adaptable to your lab’s grid or glass support, whatever brand or manufacturing it may be, or be used with our optional grid-based support, specially design to fit perfectly with our new modular cages.

Cages are made of solid 3 mm thick black and transparent PVC, are easily washable. Each cage comes with accessories for 1 or 2 rats and 6 or 8 mice ( 3 or 4 available from the front)


• Solid cages made of 3 mm thick PVC
• Modular design: removable walls to accommodate either 2 rats or 6 mice depending on your setting and needs
• Easily washable
• Compatible with any grid or glass support
• Facilitates Von Frey protocols
icone-area.gifDomains of application

• Analgesia
• Hyperalgesia
• Allodynia
• Neuropathy
• Inflammation
• Post-operative pain
• Phantom pain


BIO-STD2-EVF Elevated stand with metal mesh, delivered without cage fit up to 3 BIO-PVF test

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