Programmable stimulator

Reference: FNS-16
Full-featured multi-channel stimulator for neuromuscular stimulation

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The FNS-16 Stimulator is a full-featured multi-channel stimulator for neuromuscular stimulation.

icone-oper.gifOperating principle

It features fully programmable biphasic, constant-current waveforms, with user control of all timing, polarity, and current amplitude parameters. All outputs are electrically isolated for low noise and to prevent interference with adjacent recordings.

Each channel is independently programmable from the host PC using a standard USB interface. Programming is accomplished using a simple string of command bytes provided by a LabView or VisualBasic control program, or by custom-developed software. Programming a channel, or starting/stopping a stimulus program takes just a few milliseconds. This allows real-time stimulus control in response to recorded neural or muscular activity.

FNS-16 stimulus waveforms
Example of FNS-16 stimulus waveforms

icone-feat.gifKey features

A wide variety of waveforms is possible, including single pulses, pulse trains of n pulses, or continuous pulsing. The FNS-16 base unit includes sixteen independent channels. Additional blocks of sixteen channels can be added, up to a maximum of 256 channels. Expansion units are daisy-chained into the Expansion port, and are automatically recognized by the host FNS-16.

A Monitor port gives access to all timing and amplitude information for each of the sixteen channels. Separate logic and analog monitor signals are provided. These give an exact representation of the stimulus being delivered for external recording. Outputs are provided using a single shielded connector box with BNC jacks.

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