Data acquisition teaching unit

Reference: IX-214
The From now On POPULAR IX-214 Unit is the perfect rugged,
reliable, four-channel data recording unit,
engineered to take years of classroom use and abuse!

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The device enclosure is constructed from extruded aluminum, with a minimum of student-accessible controls and adjustments. With simply one mouse click, the unit can be configured for records of EEG, EMG (EOG) or ECG.

In exclusivity, the IX-214 includes a dual-channel biopotential amplifier designed for use on human and rodents subjects. Two additional channels accept any sensor you would like to adapt from older or other systems, like pressure, temperature and force sensors, voltage output of pH meters, spectrophotometers and other laboratory devices. The IX-214 also includes a stimulator useful for a variety of human and animal labs. The recorder interfaces to the PC via the USB bus, which provides aggregate sampling at 100 kHz continuous, more than fast enough for just about any teaching experiment..

icone-param.gifPhysiology Teaching Kits

BIOSEB provides Combination Animal/Human Physiology Teaching Kits that include everything you need to conduct a comprehensive lab course in human and animal physiology. All of the packages contain all of the transducers and lab experiments included in the human physiology teaching kits, plus the transducers and documentation for a total of 33 experiments and 123 exercises.
The additional experiments in animal physiology cover metabolism, membrane and action potentials, muscle activity, and ionic and osmotic balance.
With the addition of a high voltage stimulus isolator, the kits support a total of 34 experiments with 127 exercises.
Ones can either configurate its own system by choosing the suitable sensors and sofware configuration. These kits are optimized for the BIOSEB high speed, high resolution 214 Recorder and supporting accessories.

icone-oper.gifSystem Requirements

The IX-214 requires a minumum Pentium II-level computer running at least Windows 98, with at least 64 megabytes of RAM, and at least 10 megabytes of free space on the hard drive. Internet connection is required for free automatic upgrades.

icone-feat.gifKey Hardware Features

• All hardware components carry a three-year unconditional warranty.
• Stimulator is built-in to the recording unit.
• Intelligent inputs adjust transducer gain automatically.
• Firmware and software is upgradeable free-of-charge over the web.
• Sampling speeds of 1 to 100 kHz continuous and 1 to 100 kHz snapshot.
• Electronic design meets or exceeds UL safety standards for lab use.

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