IX Data Acquisition System

Reference: IX-118
The IX-118 is a fast 100 Khz, high-resolution data acquisition system suitable for most data recording studies in research laboratories
such as organ bath, ECG, pressure, etc...

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The IX-118 is a very fast, high-resolution data acquisition system suitable for most data recording studies in the research laboratory. It offers 8 analog input channels, 8 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and 2 DACs. The hardware is connected to PC-compatible computers via the popular USB interface (native construction) so setup is PLUG-AND-PLAY EASY !

The very small size of the unit IX-118 enable researcher to use very little bench space. Connector are BNC standards to facilitate interconnections with other devices.

icone-oper.gif System Requirements

The IX-118 requires for its SOFTWARE LABSCRIBE a minimum Pentium III processor running at least Windows 98 with at least 128 megabytes of RAM, and at least 100 Mo of free space on the hard disk drive. An Internet connection may be required for EASY FREE UPGRADES of the software.

icone-param.gif Analog Outputs

The IX-118 offers 2 +/- 10V Analog Outputs (DACs). Each of them is independently programmable and can be synchronized to work together. Basic stimulus parameters for each DAC, such as pulse width, frequency and amplitude, can be changed on-the-fly using handy controls located in the LabScribe software toolbar. Standard protocols include pulse, train, and step waveforms. Each standard protocol allows the quiescent state to be a holding voltage, thereby making it ideal for VOLTAGE CLAMPING applications.

icone-feat.gif Resolution and Noise

The IX-118 employs a 16-bit Analog/Digital converter to sample datas over a 10 Volt input range. Typical noise on any input is less than 1 millivolt (1 mV). This allows the recording of signals from 10 mV to 10 V without the need
for additional external amplifier.


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