2021 Products Update

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2021 Products Update

A lot of Industries have been slowed down during the worldwide Stay-at-home period. Bioseb’s R&D Team, instead, has been fully involved in major software improvement. We are excited to share our latest upgrades, which will give your research and behavioral experiments the upper hand.


It’s 2021, time to stop Manual Scoring! Let Bioseb modernize your motor coordination phenotyping using Horizontal Ladder with the only Integrated Solution that Synchronizes IR beam break Error Identification with high speed Video Capture and fully automates Error Analysis. .

• Automated Analysis Features NEW
• Error Type on each rod and for each limb NEW
• Correct Grip / Wrong Overlap / Complete Miss


Recently, the famous Dynamic Weight Bearing experienced a complete redesign of its software interface. 2021 is the perfect timing to introduce new postural parameters to the gold-standard of the spontaneous pain test. DWB2 is now fully validated for vertigo studies, and can be used to study rotational behavior!.

• New postural calculations NEW
• Sustentation polygon & base of support NEW
• Circling : Counts revolutions completed NEW


Are you looking for a complete and multi-tool device for your Research in Pain ? Bioseb’s Incapacitance Test BIO-SWB has been enhanced to a higher level : it is now compatible with all mechanical sensor of Bioseb’s pain devices, as the most comprehensive solution on the market. Save space on the bench and Money for your lab !

• Inacapacitance test (BIO-SWB2) NEW
• Electronic Von Frey (BIO-EVFF4-POIG) NEW
• Rodent Pincher Test (BIO-RP-SPIP)
• Joint pressure test BIO-SMALGO-SPIP

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