Get more from your basic Ladder Test

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Get more from your basic Ladder Test

Horizontal ladder walking is well documented for motor deficits associated with rodent models of stroke, Parkinson's disease, osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, proprioception, mild stress and even changes in diet.

For years, BIOSEB has provided an interesting version of the test with automatic detection of foot faults by infrared beams (BIO-FMA) that are counted by its software.

As useful as automated error counting is, many of you resort to time-consuming manual review of videography to better define balance, limb co-ordination, and fine motor function. That is why BIOSEB has improved the existing system by adding optimally positioned, ultra-fast video recording and computerized analysis with BIO-LADDERTEST software.

Get more from your basic rung walking test with BIO-LADDERTEST:
• Automated recognition of valid runs
• Paw identification
• Classification of Error Type : crossing errors, slips, overlap errors
• Synchronized slow speed replay for extended analysis

Interested in learning more? Click here to see the full page product for Bioseb's Automatic Ladder Test.

BIO-LADDERTEST is fully compatible with BIOSEB standard Foot Misplacement Apparatus BIO-FMA. The upgrade includes the new easy-to-use software, high-speed video camera, comfortable elevated frame with specially designed enclosure for your ladder and optimally located camera support.

Existing BIO-FMA users, contact us for a special offer to upgrade today and get more from your test runs.

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